What is Mock Trial?

Presentation and Movement around the Courtroom

Assembly of the Case

The Three U’s of Theme and Theory

A Basic Introduction to Direct Examination

Beginning your Direct Examination, A Basic Template

A Basic Introduction to Cross Examination

Beginning Your Cross Examination, A Basic Template

Crafting the Perfect Opening Statement

Crafting an Opening Statement, A Basic Template

Ending Strong on Closing Arguments

Crafting a Closing Argument, A Basic Template

Rules of Evidence

Mastering Objections and the Rules of Evidence

Hearsay: A Basic Explanation

Hearsay: An In-Depth Guide to the Exceptions

Relevance: A Basic Explanation

Character Evidence: An In-Depth Guide

A Guide to Opinion and Expert Testimony Objections

Trial Procedures

How to Conduct Pre-Trial Motions

A Straightforward Guide to Entering Evidence

Impeachment, A Way to Kill Witness Credibility

Controlling Your Witness: A Guide to Witness Control

Why Objection Capital is Crucial


Tripping Up A Witness, Should You Consider It?